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Hawaii “the big island”

Larger than all the other islands combined, “The Big Island” is a miniature continent with stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, volcanic parks, exotic rivers, vast plains and even cactus studded deserts. The island is dominated by the twin peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, both over 13,000 feet high and divided by ski slopes. Actually, Mauna Kea is only the top of a submerged mountain. Yet at 32,000 feet from sea floor to sky, it could be called the tallest mountain in the world, dwarfing Mount Everest by several thousand feet. “The Big Island” is the youngest in Hawaii, a mere baby at one million years old and still growing with constant eruptions and lava flows. It is one of the only places on Earth where you can still see an active volcano. Along the island’s eastern edge, the desolate moonscape of Volcanoes National Park is home to Kilauea, a fiery volcano that has been periodically erupting over the last decade. Visit the charming port town of Hilo, the flower capital of the world, lined with black and white sand beaches. The Kona Coast, world famous for coffee plantations, offers stunning views of the ocean from its powdery beaches and sharp cliffs.

Activities and attractions.

Volcanoes National Park – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, displays the results of 70 million years of volcanism, migration, and evolution — processes that thrust a bare land from the sea and clothed it with unique ecosystems, and a distinct human culture. The park highlights two of the world’s most active volcanoes, and offers insights on the birth of the Hawaiian Islands and views of dramatic volcanic landscapes.

Helicoptor tours – Another great island to explore from the air.  Marvel at the rugged coastline and black sand beaches.  The highlight of the tour would be the view of active volcanoes.

Valley Waterfall Adventure -Journey into the heart of Pololu Valley and walk a cliff-side trail a thousand feet above the valley floor on this 5 hour tour. Listen as a naturalist shares the history of this remarkable place. See multiple waterfalls which are great for photo opportunities.

Kona Coffee Plantation – Explore the planataion and see the only coffee grown in the United States.  In addition to delicious samples, learn how coffee is grown and transformed into your favorite breakfast beverage.

Black Sand Beaches – explore the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii.  Formed by volcanic activity, it is truely a unique experience.

Golf – There are 20 magnificent courses on Hawaii’s Big Island (and more are being developed). These courses are carved out of ancient lava flows, nestled among historical Hawaiian landmarks, and fronting some of the most beautiful coastline of the Pacific. The striking contrasts of lush green fairways, pure white bunkers, jet-black lava flows, and turquoise blue Pacific waters make for some of the most scenic holes anywhere.

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The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii offers elegant beachfront accommodations amidst the natural beauty of the Big Island. The Or

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