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First Discount Travel is the largest independent agency in Greater Cincinnati. How did this success story start? The brother and sister team of Deanna and Jerry Katz started the agency right out of college in 1994. Over the years the travel industry has had dramatic changes, but one item remains constant. Travel is a service industry and there will always be a need for the professional, educated and prompt advice provided by the experts at First Discount Travel.

There are many reasons to use First Discount Travel. We are your one stop travel experts. Our expert travel consultants can arrange anything from airfare, hotels, train tickets, car rentals, destination activities, insurance, escorted tours, cruises and much more! Instead in spinning your wheels on a long list of travel websites, why not go straight to the source. The professional travel consultants of First Discount Travel have all the information at their fingertips, saving you countless hours in front of a computer screen.

The perception that everything is cheaper online was dispelled years ago! We do not charge a fee for any vacation package or cruise. There is no legitimate price that the online giants have that First Discount Travel can’t get. What First Discount Travel provides that Expedia (and it’s online brotheren) can’t is personalized service, destination expertise, better deposit policies (the lowest in the industry at about $150 per person), better cancel policies, objective unbiased advice, and person to person customer service. First Discount Travel doesn’t utilize phone prompts, call centers, receptionists, or voicemail. A live human being will answer your call and be able to assist with all of your travel needs. We are so much more than an impersonal website or call center. Our business model depends on referrals and repeat trips from our valued existing customers.

First Discount Travel is a local Travel agency that knows the local market better than any online behemoth. We’re storefront, located in the heart of Blue Ash (on the corner of Kenwood and Cooper RD). We’d love to meet with you and discuss your vacation desires. No two travelers are alike! We want to talk to you, discover your preferences, ask you questions you may not have thought to ask yourself, and make suggestions. It’s all about you! We’ve personally visited every major resort on every major island in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and the South Pacific (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora). We’ve also visited all of the major tourist centers of Mexico and have sailed on all of the major cruise lines. We have the relationships, contacts, and influence to take care of any unforeseen problems.

Have you ever seen a resort that has portrayed itself as being anything less than the best? Neither have we. Your First Discount Travel consultant has seen the resorts you’re interested in and can give you a reasonable expectation level of the service, atmosphere, and quality of the resort. Websites and brochures are marketing tools of the resort. Unlike the major online travel sites, First Discount Travel doesn’t accept advertising dollars for preferred placement of resorts. Trust your well- deserved vacation with the experts who’ve been there. “We are a society that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” First Discount Travel consultants can explain the benefits of different resorts and tailor the vacation to your desires. Also, we have personal photos of all of the resorts we’ve been to. These candid photos aren’t the photo shopped or perfect conditions photos you see on websites and brochures.

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