To make answering frequently asked travel questions for our clients easy, we have compiled a list of some of the most-asked questions for you to review! If you don’t find the answer to yours here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer yours personally.


How do I get started?

The easiest way to start is by clicking on the various island locations on our map and read a little about the resorts and amenities, and the culture of the island. The internet is a wonderful tool for narrowing down vacation options. When it comes to decision time, please consult with one of the vacation specialists at First Discount Travel to make sure your choice is the dream vacation you expect.

Why aren’t you trying to get me to book online?

Prices are the same whether you book online or with a seasoned travel professional. We know that nothing can replace the priceless knowledge and travel experience of one of our travel specialists.

Do I need a passport?

With the exception of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, a passport is required for travel to the Caribbean. No passport is required for travel to Hawaii.

How do I get a passport?

Please follow this link to learn how to get a passport.

What is the differences in various room categories?

This is a tough one to answer without referring to a specific resort. Some resorts have everything from a very moderate room with just a bed, dresser, and bathroom all the way up to multi-level suites encompassing over 3000 square feet with your own private pool! Other resorts design their rooms so they are all very similar in amenities and size, but associate their room category changes with their location within the resort, the view from their room, or their proximity to the main areas within the resort. The important thing to remember is “know what you are booking!” Just because a resort is oceanfront, it doesn’t mean your room will be!

Should I get local currency or traveler’s checks?

The American dollar is widely accepted in the Caribbean. Traveller’s checks are a great way to protect yourself from lost or stolen money. Credit Cards are also widely accepted at the resort and in the major shopping areas, but not in the local markets.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

No, typically a minimal deposit (around $500 per couple) is required to secure your getaway. The balance is due 45 days prior to departure.

Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes, and it is highly recommended! Our most popular policy allows you to cancel for any reason and costs approximately $89-$129 per person. Other policies are available.

When should I book my vacation?

We recommend that you book your vacation at least 6 months in advance. We can arrange getaways with as little as 3 days notice, but you’ll usually pay more and you’ll have to choose from whatever flights and rooms are still available. If you are planning on traveling during a holiday, you should book at least 9 months prior to the date you want to depart.

How do I get from the airport to the resort?

Roundtrip airport transfers are included in all of our Caribbean and Mexican travel packages. For Hawaiian travel, either transfers or a rental car can be arranged.

How much money should I take with me?

Most islands charge a departure tax when leaving the country, and it has to be paid in US dollars, cash only. This tax typically ranges from $20 to $32 per person. Jamaica and Cancun packages include this tax in the total rate quoted to you. This is the only money that is mandatory for you to travel with. Please consider taking additional cash for luggage handlers in the airports or parking facility, small souvenir stands, gratuities for the driver providing your transportation to and from the resort, or beach vendors that provide water sports or other services. Spa treatments, island excursions, restaurants, and souvenir shops will typically accept major credit cards.

What can I take on an airplane?

Please follow this link to the TSA’s website for a complete list of what is permitted on the aircraft.

Why use First Discount Travel?

We think this is such a great question, we have devoted an entire page to it! Please click here to read just a few of the many reasons why you should book your vacation with us!

Is there a charge to check my luggage?

Yes, most airlines charge for checking your baggage on domestic flights, but the carriers vary on their policies to the Caribbean and international destinations. It is best to check the individual carrier’s website for the most up-to-date information as policies are constantly changing.

What does run-of house room category mean?

Run of house means “best available room at the time of check-in.” In other words, you are not guaranteed any specific room type, location or view. This category is good for the traveler who places a high value on the resort they are staying at and all the amenities it offers but is not as concerned about the room they are staying in. They would rather take the money they saved on an ocean view or larger suite and put it toward a nicer resort with more amenities or maybe some additional activities while they are on their vacation.

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