Why Should You Trust Your Travel Plans To First Discount Travel?

Why Should you trust usTens of thousands of travelers use First Discount Travel every year for their travel arrangements. Here are a few reasons why we think you should, too!

1. Personal Experience equals Expert guidance

We’re travelers too! First Discount Travel only hires professionals with a passion for travel.

We’ve been to most if not all of the destinations you are considering and can recommend the correct resort based on what you are looking for in a vacation. All websites and brochures look great. Take a look at our personal photos and professional reviews to get the real picture of how the resort looks… not the altered photo taken 10 years ago!

2. Best price

You’ll never pay more to use the personal service and travel expertise of First Discount Travel versus the online travel giants. Travel agents are compensated by the cruise line or resort (not you!!) to sell their product. The “there’s a better price if you buy online” myth crashed like the dot com bubble years ago.

3. But it’s not all about price…

All websites and brochures look beautiful. Online travel sites are flooded with overwhelming options, all claiming to be the best deal. How do they know the “best deal” for you when they have no idea what you are looking for in a vacation? The travel experts at First Discount Travel will ask you a dozen questions so we understand exactly what you are looking for in your vacation. The wrong hotel and a destination not right for you are NEVER the best deal!

4. Consumer advocate

First Discount Travel doesn’t work for the airline, cruise line, hotel, or car rental agency. We work for you! Your happiness and overall satisfaction with your vacation is our ultimate and only goal. If you had a wonderful vacation, we did our job correctly!

5. Trust

Who wants to trust their dream vacation to a website that is designed to look flashy, but has no vested interest in your experience? The travel experts at First Discount Travel care about your vacation. In fact, we call all of our clients after their return to make sure their vacation exceeded their expectations. We build relationships and grow due to the referrals of our clients.

6. Customer service

First Discount Travel does not have receptionists, voice mail, phone prompts or call centers. A live travel agent answers your call each and every time. We would love to meet with you to plan your perfect vacation!

7. Save time

Why waste hours of your precious time attempting to do what a First Discount Travel professional can do for you? Have you ever Googled “Caribbean vacation?” Let the experts of First Discount Travel narrow down the 187 million options offered. Planning a trip can be stressful. Let First Discount Travel take care of all the details!

8. Finding the Best Value

Value doesn’t necessarily mean least expensive. The travel experts at First Discount Travel will customize options and explain the benefits of each resort or room category. We think of those little details you may not remember to ask us about!

9. Unforeseen events

Who would have thought about a snowstorm in October or the volcano erupting in Iceland? First Discount Travel clients didn’t spend hours (if not days) on hold with the online travel giants or the airlines. They made a 1 minute call to the experts at First Discount Travel to get re-accommodated.

10. Travel expertise

Who knew that if I switched my vacation by a week I could save money? The travel experts at First Discount Travel did! We can make simple recommendations that will enhance your vacation and save you money.

11. Understanding the rating systems

There are dozens of companies that rate hotels. Which one is a reliable source? Not all 5 star hotels are alike, especially when you’re considering an all-inclusive. A four star hotel in Europe is comparable to a three star hotel in the United States in most instances. What about the tour companies and website that create their own systems? Let us help you decipher the various ratings and guide you to a resort with realistic expectations!

12. Travel Insurance

Not all insurance plans are created equally. Let the experts of First Discount Travel impartially shop for the best policy that helps you plan for the unforeseen future.

13. Better payment plans

Many vacations can be reserved with a minimal deposit and the balance wouldn’t be due until 30 days prior to departure. This allows you more financial freedom to plan for your vacation.

14. Travel documentation

First Discount Travel will inform and assist with all the documentation necessary for travel. This includes but is not limited to passports, visas, and birth certificate requirements.

15. Travel professionals

Travel agents were declared “obsolete” over a decade ago yet we are still thriving! The travel experts of First Discount Travel add value, save time, and provide you with a reliable source for information on your vacation. Let us put our expertise to use for you on your next vacation!

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